Illustration of sailors doing "desalination" by accounting Alexander of Aphrodisias in AD200

[S. Kalogirou, Prog.Energ.Combust. 2005]

Welcome to Physicochemical Hydrodynamics Lab!

Our research interest lies in understanding of physicochemical hydrodynamic behaviors in Nature. Physicochemical hydrodynamics describes hydrodynamic movements of physical/chemical/electrical/biological components. Applications that can benefit from an improved understanding in this field are desalination, electrochemical systems, and particle manipulations.

Briefly, our current research topics include:

1. fluid dynamics of electro-hydrodynamic instability,

2. ion transport phenomena in electro-membrane desalination,

3. physicochemical hydrodynamics for bio-agent pretreatment.

We are looking for Postdoc and graduate students who are interested in Desalination & Fluid dynamics!

please contact Prof. Rhokyun Kwak (

  • 2021.03  New members: Joonsung, Jieun, Jeonghwan
  • 2021.02  Our sincerest farewell to Minchan! He joins LG Energy Solution Ltd.. 
  • 2020.12  Minyoung's work is published @ Journal of Fluid Mechanics (IF: 3.354)(link)
  • 2020.12  Dongho's work is published @ Desalination (IF: 7.098)(link)
  • 2020.12  Joonhyeon & Sangha's work is published @ Desalination (IF: 7.098)(link)
  • 2020.12  Team PHL won the 5th KSME-SEMES Open Innovation Challenge (Gold Prize)!
  • 2020.08  Our sincerest farewell to Soohyeon! She continues her research as a Ph.D student at UIUC with the five-year full scholarship. 
  • 2020.07  New interns: Joonsung, Jieun, Jeonghwan 
  • 2020.05: Sudong's work is highlighted in Hanyang University! (link)
  • 2020.03  New paper is published @ Physical Review Letters (IF: 9.227)(link)